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Innovation Made in Italy

Founded in Catania in 2009, Gamastech has its offices in a small town at the foot of Etna Mountain called Sant’Agata Li Battiati. The headquarter coordinates all the marketing activities, research, development, and production. The company is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified. Gamastech’s main activity focuses on the production and commercialisation of high-quality products using the most sophisticated technologies.

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Research and development

Today, our R&D department trusts of the partnership with the CNR IPCB of Catania.

  • Italian team
  • CE and ANVISA certifications of our products
  • Gamastech guarantee that own devices are manufactured with the most recent technologies and following high-quality standards and protocols.
  • We are extremely attentive towards our clients’ needs and patients’ suggestions.

Highly qualified partners

The organic structure is very simple and counts on the collaboration of excellent outsourcing partners. The manufactured or distributed devices are sold only through leaders in the corresponding markets. Currently, the company appears in 33 countries worldwide and from 2017, is expanding its sale networks in new market segments, like aesthetic medicine and veterinary.

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Our certifications

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