Epoch-making changes have taken place over a century, and equally significant changes have taken place over the last year. Photo Comfort in insulin admin

One hundred years after the discovery of insulin, the life-saving drug that changed the history of diabetes, the diabetology is worldwide called upon to respond to the new challenges imposed by clinical and therapeutic innovation and the Covid-19 pandemic.

When, in 1921, Dr Frederick Grant Banting and his student and assistant, Charles Herbert Best, discovered how to extract insulin, diabetes was still a fatal disease and life expectancy was very short. Today, the scenario has completely changed and the quality of diabetes care is still, after this first century of diabetes, continuously improving. New inulin formulations and new technological innovations needle-free such as Comfort-innon invasive and revolutionary for the well-being of the diabetic person.


Needle-free devices do not only mean more comfort, but also more safety for the patient, especially today with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and the simultaneous presence of other viruses and pathogens that we are likely and despite ourselves to have to live with in the coming years.

Of course, a different role will also be played by the patient, who is increasingly called upon to be involved in the treatment and care process and is increasingly aware and autonomous in adopting solutions that are more confident in science and more innovative.