You can express all the love for life and the sense of innovation in a simple choice. A choice chased for years and courageous, at the same time, that of Simona Marino, teacher and mother of two children, who since 2012 have known she has to deal with a disease often silent and difficult to recognize as multiple sclerosis.

“A cold shower”, as she herself defines it, that has never made her lose the pleasure for the things she loves, from writing to sailing, from the passion for teaching to the passion for the social work. Especially since she crossed paths with a crucial ally in her therapy like Comfort-in:

Gamastech Intervista Simona

  • How many interferon administrations do you need and what amount do you use for each?

 “My current treatment consists of taking interferon three days a week for a total of 44 mg. Not a little in terms of physical pains, using the traditional syringes. It’s an even greater burden psychological when you understand that the therapy not just lasts a month or two, but that you’ll always have to live with it.”


  • How was the switch from normal injection to Comfort-in and what did your doctors tell you?

“The transition began two and a half years ago and it was obviously very gradual. At the first the “switch” with Comfort-in involved just one third of total administrations. In a short time, my trust and my confidence in this revolutionary device grew, to the point of replacing the old methodology of injection definitely.”


  • What feedback did you get from the change?

“Comfort-in didn’t just change how the therapy was administrated by making it painless. Doctors and my neurologist also noticed remarkable improvements from magnetic resonance”

  • What has impressed you most about Comfort-in and what would you recommend to someone experiencing the same situation as you?

What struck me first was the extreme ease of use. Its efficiency then convinced me in no time. What I recommend to all people live the same problem as me is to not be afraid to change. Just by trying, you eventually find the solution. And thanks to Comfort-in and Gamastech I found it!