The controversy over delays in Covid-19 vaccination doesn't stop and with these, all the other issues relating to the repeatedly reported lack of precision syringes, suitable for the extraction of 6 doses per vial, instead of the current 5, able to speed up and optimize the administration process. A process that instead could receive further strength and a new boost also from the use of certified medical injection devices, easy to use, totally painless and completely safe for healthcare professionals such as Comfort-in

An additional opportunity that emerges in this phase thanks to the CE Certification and the launch on the European Market of the new "Intramuscular" model, capable of assigning this innovative Korean technology device a potentially revolutionary value and utility, compared to the possible resolution of what seems to have become today, the "problem of problems".

The "needle-free" technology and the increased injection depth achieved by the new "IM" model allow Comfort-in to produce that immediate dispersion "sputtering" effect within the muscle layer that guarantees a less traumatic and faster absorption by our body. An advantage of efficacy for the patient and time saving for the healthcare staff which is added to that represented by the extreme ease of dosing the exact quantity to be injected, thanks to the graduated scale from 0.05 to 0.5 ml of the device corresponding to the volume prepared in the "nozzle", the special disposable ampoule for the diffusion of the drug. 

VIDEO - Covid-19 vaccination with Comfort-in

foto treThe absolute sterility and absence of blood leaks allowed by the Comfort-in system, thanks to the use of the nozzle, also represent a form of protection against the risk of cross-infections, particularly dangerous in times of Coronavirus

Also in this perspective, the benefits of Comfort-in have already been brought to the attention of the Italian Health Ministery and public institutions that are fighting against the virus and the still dramatic effects of the pandemic.