Derma Shot

Derma Shot

What Derma Shot is?

Dermashot is an electronic device used for accurate infusions in rapid succession. This product is extremely easy to handle thanks to its properties: lightweight, small size, wireless and long-lasting battery.

It is possible to select the quantity of the substance to infuse through the LCD display (from 0.01 cc to 0.1 cc), the method and the infusion rate. Furthermore, there is a meter system that records the infusions. The innovative 5 micro-needles head allows a uniform diffusion of the substances infused ensuring high-level performance and almost pain-free, thanks to the needle length reduction (1,5mm).

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dermashot mesoterapia


dermashot calvizie

Hair loss treatment

dermashot cicatrici

Scars treatment

dermashot cellulite

Cellulitis treatment

dermashot anestesia

Local anaesthesia


  • Treatment times reduction
  • High accuracy infusions
  • 5 needle pin for uniform and pain-free treatments
  • Easy to handle and use with one hand
  • Compatible with various types of syringes and needles

gamastech derma shot vantaggi


  • Accurate: Once selected the preferred dose, the device will infuse at every button press the same amount of product at every button press.
  • Fast: It is possible to modify the infusion rate, in order to minimize the time required for treatments as mesotherapy.
  • Ergonomic: Dermashot is small, manageable and easy to use with one hand.
  • 5 pin: The innovative head with five needles allows a homogeneous diffusion of the substances. The reduced lenght of the microneedles makes them almost imperceptible.

dermashot benefici

dermashot vantaggi

Display OLED

precision for each infusion

Through the display OLED it is possible to select the amount of substance to be infused, from 0.01 cc to 0.1 cc, thus make each infusion precise without the risk of overdosing and thus reducing the time required for each treatment.

dermashot display

5-needle head

For a uniform diffusion

The innovative 5 micro-needle head, with reduced needles length (1.5mm), allows a uniform diffusion of the substances infused, ensuring high quality performances and painless treatments.

dermashot testina