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What Comfort-in™ is?

Comfort-in™ is a CE medical device, created for subcutaneous drug administrations. The technology Comfort is patented and allows it to get rid of the needle.
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The absence of gas, simplicity, and safety, make this product ideal for any kind of subcutaneous infusion and also for self-administration.

  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Diabetology
  • Veterinary
  • Orthopaedics
  • Sports Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Local anaesthesia for thyroid nodules aspiration
  • Anaesthesia for hair transplantation
  • Growth hormone
  • Vitamin B-12

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According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), ‘more than 3 million people over 35 million in the healthcare setting are at risk of contamination from pathogens in the bloodstream.’ The risk of contamination is not restricted to healthcare assistants only, but to several working categories with reference to Hepatitis B Virus (approximately 30% of risk) C Hepatitis (approximately 10% of risk), HIV (approximately 0.3% of risk). Considering only the healthcare sector, in Italy more than 100.00 cases are registered for needlestick injuries due to the use of sharp.

  • You will not fear the needle anymore
  • Fast as a click
  • Injection virtually painless
  • More effective, thanks to the “sputtering” dispersal method
  • Safe! Eliminate the risk of needlestick incidents.

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  • Innovative: The infusion is completed and virtually pain-free just in a third of a second.
  • Safe: Comfort-in™ prevents needle stick injuries and the consequent contamination by pathogens. The Comfort-in™ device complies with Directive 2010/32/EU implemented in Italy with the Legislative Decree n. 19 on the 19/02/2014.
  • Easy: Comfort-in™ is a spring-loaded device without batteries or gas. Easy to set up and carry, it results particularly suitable for self-administration.
  • Low-priced: In many cases, Comfort-in™ reduces the time necessary to treat patients, especially in Dentistry and Dermatology field. Furthermore, it is a remarkable saving on sharps waste-disposal.
  • Attractive: Nobody likes needles! Comfort-in™ represents the ideal solution for all needle phobic patients’ treatment, but also for treatments that require daily drug administrations.

Our biggest revolution, the Nozzle

Needle-free syringe

The nozzle is our needle-free syringe. It is provided with a graduated scale and a microhole of about 0.15mm that allows the outflow of the drug in less than 100 milliseconds. The Comfort-in™ is sterile and single-use.

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Comfort-in™, three models, multiple treatments

  • Soft
    It is characterised by a reduced speed of the drug release and from a smaller penetration of depth. It’s suitable for the treatment of paediatric patients.
  • Intramuscular
    Used for intramuscular administration of drugs and vaccines.
  • Normal
    It is characterized by a greater speed of drug release and from a greater penetration of depth. It’s suitable for administration to abdomen and thighs


How to use Comfort-in™ - User Guide

5 simple steps

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Charge the device

Charge the device using the pressure lever provided, or the pressure box that can be purchased separately.

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Select the volume

Select on the device’s graduated scale the drug volume that we desire to infuse. This phase will be performed only after the device has been charged.

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Activate the nozzle

Take the nozzle from the blister pack and push the plunger till you hear a click, so that the safety lock can be removed

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Withdraw the drug

Connect the nozzle to the appropriate adapter by turning the screw, in order to ensure the tightness. After this, it is possible to withdraw the drug.

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Connect the nozzle

Connect the nozzle to the device, screw it gently clockwise and prime it in order to remove air bubbles. This step is important to correctly fit the nozzle into the device.

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Hold the device at 90 degree-angle compared to the injection site and press the button. Leave the device on the insertion site and apply a soft massage.

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