An adapter for every need

The single vial adapters Comfort-in® allow to withdraw the medication from any type of vial and put it inside the Nozzle.
They are available 5 different adapters to withdraw medicinal substances:

  • LUER ADAPTER (cod. AD-LUER): It is a universal adapter for all the vial types. Ad-Luer provides for the use of a common needle.
  • VIAL ADAPTER (cod. AD-VIAL): It used to withdraw insulin or other medicinal substances with vials with 14mm gauge.
  • DENTAL ADAPTER (cod. AD-DENTAL): It’s commonly used to withdraw the drug for supports in dental anaesthesia.
  • PEN ADAPTER (cod. AD-PEN): It used to withdraw drugs from insulin pen or for supports in dental anaesthesia with higher gauge.
  • T-UNIVERSAL ADAPTER (cod. AD-T): This adapter is suitable for vials with a 22mm gauge or higher

To get more comfort, try the Cap

The cap (flat and curved) are made of silicone m and they allow higher comfort during the infusion, especially on the most sensitive areas e.g. gums, hands, and feet.

Cap 01 (flat) is suitable for lingual, post palatal, vestibular infusion and inherent body parts.

Cap 02 (curved) is suitable for anterior palatal infusion (from canine to canine)