Exacta Number One

Exacta Number One

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 What Exacta Number One is?

It is an elastomeric pump designed to provide drug infusion or bolus administration.

It does not require batteries or electronics thanks to the elastomeric energy. The medication is delivered to the patient through an inner balloon that deflates gradually and pushes solution through the IV tubing connected to the patient.

The infusion rate is regulated by a special micro-tube. The micro-tube lumen is larger compared to glass capillary and as a result, it reduces the risk of occlusion by crystals or particulate matter.



Hard shell

Exacta Number One elastomeric pump is provided by a plastic rigid outer shell, which it has been designed to ensure the highest strength and lightness. The shell covers the elastomeric balloon from potential dangerous pressures that can lead to an uncontrolled raise of the infusion rate.

Infusion line “anti-kinking”

The particular design of the inner tube section allow to prevent the accidental kneel and consequently, the flow blockage.

Cap with hydrophobic filter

Exacta Number One elastomeric pump contains a special hydrophobic cap located on the distal part of the infusion line. This cap allows to eject the air preventing any drug leakage.

Needless valve

Exacta Number One UVA (on other models request) enables the highest safety for healthcare workers. It is issued by a particular needless valve capable to prevent liquid spillages and nebuliser contamination.

Compliance and stability

They have been performed compliance and stability tests on this device, with more than forty different drugs and molecules (the corresponding literature is available on request in Italian, English and French)


Beside the various standard tests required by the regulation ISO 28620, Exacta Number One is individually subject to “Air test proof” to verify the specific consistency of every single elastomer.

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Several studies have shown how patients prefer the elastomeric pumps for medium-long term treatments. Exacta Number One design has been studied to safeguard patient privacy, minimizing the size and the weight of the device.

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Route of administration

  • Peripheral intravenous infusion
  • Central intravenous infusion
  • Intra-arterial infusion
  • Subcutaneous infusion
  • Spinal infusion (subarachnoid space)
  • Epidural infusion
  • Intra/ Perilesional infusion

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Most common treatments


Exacta Number One model recommended: NDPI, NM, NMB, BOL
Continuous infusion or with bolus for acute post-operative pain. Continuous infusion or with bolus for chronic pain and palliative care


Exacta Number One model recommended: UVA.
Cytostatic drugs infusion for patients having treatments in outpatients or homecare

Antibiotics and Anti-viral

Exacta Number One model recommended: NDPI.

Iron-chelator therapy

Exacta Number One model recommended: DFO
Continuous Deferoxamine infusion for patients with thalassaemia.

Available models

Exacta Number One NDPI

gamastech exacta number one

Exacta Number One UVA

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Exacta Number One DFO

gamastech exacta number one 3

Exacta Number One NM

gamastech exacta number one 4

Exacta Number One BOL

gamastech exacta number one 5

Exacta Number One NMB

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